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West Central S.W.A.T

West Central SWAT is comprised of five county sheriff’s offices and eight police departments including Stevens, Pope, Swift, Traverse, and Lac Qui Parle counties along with the Glenwood, Starbuck, Morris, University of MN Morris, Benson, Appleton, Montevideo,and Wheaton Police Departments. The team is divided into four sections: entry teams, snipers, negotiators, and medical support. The team also includes one physician/surgeon experienced who serves as medical adviser. The team trains on a monthly basis and is fluent in chemical munitions, less lethal, entry tactics, negotiations, firearms, along with many other high risk tactics.

Against Substance Abuse in Pope County

A community driven task force called ASAP was created in March of 2012. Members meet once a month to discuss possible ways underage drinking and high-risk alcohol use among youth and young adults can be decreased. Using the information gathered from surveys and conversations with community members, our group has identified the following 7 strategies to focus on this next year:

1. Establishing a Social Host Ordinance (SHO)

2. Collect Place of Last Drink Data (POLD)

3. Responsible Beverage Server Training (RBST)

4. Keg Registration

5. Social Norms Campaign

6. Sticker Shock

7. Best Practices for Festivals and Public Events

These 7 strategies are not focused on decreasing or eliminating liquor sales. Our objective is to create a safer environment for our young people and to educate the community on the risks that under-age drinking and binge drinking causes.

Pope County TRIAD

TRIAD is a partnership of three organizations - Law enforcement, Senior Citizens, and Community

The sole purpose of Triad is to promote senior safety and to reduce the fear of crime that seniors often experience.

TRIAD has benefits for both seniors and law enforcement. Law Enforcement assists seniors by letting them get to know their local law enforcement and bringing them information to protect them and that they can share with others in their communities. Seniors assist law enforcement by being “the eyes and ears” out in the communities.

MN TRIAD can assist you in organizing your Triad program at the grass-roots level, provide ideas and programs to implement in your community, and training materials for your law enforcement, senior volunteers, and community groups.

Bicycle Safety Rodeo

Every year we host a annual bicycle saftey rode that is intended to review bicycle safety as well as riding skills. The Bicycle Rodeo is open to all kids grades Pre-School to 6th grade. This event is sponsored by the Starbuck Police Department and several local businesses, who send donations towards several prizes, which are awared to all particpants after the Bicycle Rodeo.

House Checks/Busisness Checks

Through this program, at the request of the owner, we will check to make sure a home or bunisess is secure whiel the owner is away. 

School Resource Officer

The Starbuck Police Department and the Minnewaska West School (Day Treatment) work together in a variety of areas, including an officer that works closely with the school district.

Crime-Free Multi Housing

The Starbuck Police Department partners with several different organizations in the community to provide training to owners and managers of housing rental units. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of criminal activity at that property, thus making it safer for the residents and their neighbors.


Neighborhood Crime Watch

Through the years citizens have delegated more and more of their individual responsibility for self-protection to law enforcement specialists. As a result, fewer citizens now recognize their responsibility to take an active role in crime prevention and the apprehension of criminals. The information in this manual is provided to citizens of Starbuck in an effort to help them take the measures necessary to reduce the possibility that they may become the victims of criminal activity. Police officers make more arrests each year, but criminal activities continue to rise. As Starbuck continues to grow, we will continue to see more crime. The time has come when citizens can no longer leave their responsibility for the reduction of crime to others.

The police need the eyes and ears of citizens like you, to help the police protect your property from criminals, you must get involved. To help you, your community, and the Starbuck Police Department, the Neighborhood Watch program was established. No home can be protected like Fort Knox. All of the locks, bars, lights, and alarms cannot guarantee total protection. You cannot make your home, property, and self crime proof, but you can make them crime resistant. By starting or joining a Neighborhood Watch, you learn what you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a crime victim. A Neighborhood Watch is easy to start, andeffective when implemented. By starting a Neighborhood Watch in your area, you aretaking the first step towards making your home, your neighborhood and your community a safer place to live.



Kids Safety Camp (3rd thru 6th Graders) TBD 2018


The Starbuck Police Department, along with the Glenwood Police Department and Pope County Sheriff's Office, is excited to announce the first Pope County Kids Safety Camp on TBD from 8am-3:30pm! This camp is a two day (no overnight) camp which will be held at the Minnewaska Area High School. The Camp is targeted for kids who will be coming into the 3rd-6th grades in the fall of 2018 and will cover many topics such as:

-Water Safety, Bullying/Internet Safety
-Bus Safety
-Medical Helicopter Landing
-Fire Safety, and much more!

Being that this is the first year (hopefully of many) we are looking to get early registrations so we can help plan for numbers and make sure there is interest for the camp. Please find the registration form on the PD website at:

If you have any questions please email Officer Ohren at or call the PD and leave a message for him. Thank you,

Starbuck Police Officer Austin Ohren



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