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Civilian Active Shooter Preparation & Response Training - Jan. 16, 2018

This presentation is meant as an introduction to active shooter events, or any other large scale shooting, terrorist event etc... As law enforcement, we want to make citizens aware of the dangers involved in such an event. By doing so, we hope to inspire people to start proactively considering what they would do if they ever found themselves in one of these events.

I say proactive because we need to consider what we need to do before we are involved in an event, not during one. Once we realize the need to prepare, we can start to formulate plans of actions. A big part of planning, is being aware of all of your options. Once you are aware of your options, you can choose the best option at the best time to increase your chance of survival. The point of this presentation is to make you aware of the options you have during an active shooter event and what you should consider when deciding what option to choose.


  • Define "Active Shooter"

  • Provide a brief history of active shooter events

  • Discuss situational awareness in public and planning for an active shooter event

  • Run-Hide-Fight - (Increase your chance of survival)

WHEN: Tuesday, January 16, 2017
Time: 6:30 pm
Where: Starbuck Community Center


Who should attend:All Starbuck Citizens, Business Owners and employees

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