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Pope County TRIAD



What is TRIAD?
Triad is a partnership of three organizations - Law enforcement, Senior Citizens, and Community
The sole purpose of Triad is to promote senior safety and to reduce the fear of crime that seniors often experience.
TRIAD has benefits for both seniors and law enforcement. Law Enforcement assists seniors by letting them get to know their local law enforcement and bringing them information to protect them and that they can share with others in their communities. Seniors assist law enforcement by being “the eyes and ears” out in the communities.
MN TRIAD can assist you in organizing your Triad program at the grass-roots level, provide ideas and programs to implement in your community, and training materials for your law enforcement, senior volunteers, and community groups.




Pope County TRIAD Members:

Pope County Senior Citizen Coordinator: Dodie Johnsrud
Office: 320-634-7837

Law Enforcment Members:

Pope County Sheriff Tim Riley

Glenwood Police Chief Dale Danter

Starbuck Police Chief Mitch Johnsrud

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